Sunday, December 30, 2007

Patrick Garcia

Full Name: Franz Patrick Velasco Garcia
Name: Patrick Garcia
Birthday: November 30, 1981
Birth Place: Makati City
Hobbies: Making model ships and playing sports like wakeboarding and archery
Sports: Wakeboarding, Archery
Pet/s: Three Siamese cats
Actors/ActressesForeign: John Malkovich
Movie: Jacob's Ladder, Empire of the Sun
Singers: Jennylyn Mercado syempre
Music: any type of music
Expression: Huh?!
Will Devaughn

Real Name: William Devaughn Stumpf
Origin: Germany
Age: 25
Birthdate: 27 February
Place of Birth :Germany
Nationality: German/Afro-American
Occupation: Model
Sports: Basketball
Hidden Ambition: To travel the world as a photographer
Claim to Fame: McDonald’s McRice Burger TV Commercial